Our garantees

Every watch, whether on consignment or on sale, at Auxilia Gioielli must, before being put on sale, pass various tests and, specifically:

it is first inspected by the owner Andrea Auxilia (expert in precious gems and watches, registered with the role of the Chamber of Commerce for Industry, Agriculture and Handicraft of Savona at no. 448) that certifies the authenticity of all parts, it is then lubricated, polished and checked by technicians that are qualified and accredited by leading name watch makers, and then subsequently put on sale together with a box (original or leather).

But, above all, every watch is accompanied by various warranties, such as:

The first (where present), is the original parent company warranty.

The second is the store warranty concerning the authenticity of the timepiece, where case references are also included with the overall information (as per a vehicle every watch has an identification number), so that the warranty is specifically applicable to the watch being sold.

The third is a warranty on the mechanism, with a validity of one year from the purchase date (where case references are always recorded) in order to guarantee the proper and correct functioning of the watch.